Clean Energy and E-Mobility

Pipe Dream? Hollow Words? Reality?

Against the backdrop of emerging explosive global growth in personal transportation and energy consumption, the slogans e-mobility and clean energy are increasingly becoming labels of hope. Both slogans are connected by the idea of using renewable energies to produce and use clean electricity in order to overcome the challenges of the coming decades. However, what both approaches have so far lacked are the technological conditions for broad and economically justifiable application.

The free piston linear generator

A Milestone In The History Of Combustion Engines

At the German Aerospace Center (DLR), a software-based engine has been developed that combines a combustion engine with a generator to close the implementation gap that previously existed.

Despite being completely flexible, the MaGG-One features a high degree of standardisation and modularity, and fulfils all requirements without any variants.

This makes this engine the final piece of the puzzle that combines clean energy and e-mobility into one coherent whole.

Use Cases

The Vehicle Propulsion And Energy Supply Of The Future

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