Small Engine – Great Potential

Small Engine – Great Potential

Unique selling point

Potential Package

The promise of the MaGG-One is not limited to efficiency or another single variable. Rather, the technology offers a conclusive package of cost-effective technical properties: never before have efficiency, flexfuel capability, compactness and quiet running been combined at a similarly high level. In addition to which the modularisation approach makes it an extremely attractive proposition economically.


Efficient And Low On Emissions

The compression variability of the MaGG-One is now helping entirely new combustion processes such as the particularly promising but so far barely manageable HCCI (“Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition”) to make the transition from the research laboratory to reality. Among other things, this will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to a fraction of the levels that are common today.

Like the combustion ratio, it is even possible to change the engine’s cubic capacity during operation. The time sequence of the piston movement within a working cycle is also available as a new optimisation parameter. In practical use, these and the aforementioned features make valuable contributions towards reducing fuel consumption and the emissions of carbon dioxide and pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx). This applies under all conceivable operating conditions, especially outside the idealised world of standard consumption measurements.

Direct injection and presumably an oil-free piston will be used in the combustion section. This combination reduces the emissions of unburned hydrocarbons to a minimum, the result being that this often problematical subject for other piston port-controlled engines is avoided here. It goes without saying that all relevant exhaust limit values are complied with.


Quiet And Compact

Its special design without a crankshaft makes the MaGG-One a particularly compact system. The system volume can either be extended to a very streamlined, elongated shape or distributed over a shorter but wider area. With an overall height of just 15 cm, both variants are very flat. The system weight will probably fall slightly compared with a similar system with the same power. Thanks to the complete balancing of all inertia forces, the MaGG-One is extraordinarily quiet and low in vibrations when in operation.


Flexible And Modularisable

The theme of variability extends through the MaGG-One at several levels. The technical basis is mechanical variability combined with controllability at all times by software algorithms. This is used not just to optimise operation but also to adapt the engine to different fuels or fuel qualities: petrol, diesel, bio-ethanol, bio-diesel, natural gas or even hydrogen can be used to operate the MaGG-One – or even different mixtures of, for example, petrol and ethanol or of methane, ethane, propane and also hydrogen. All of these fuels can be processed in the MaGG-One to their respective optimum efficiency levels.

The application becomes even more flexible when several MaGG-One modules are used simultaneously. Depending on the power requirement, this enables all MaGG-One modules to be activated or deactivated individually. This complete cylinder deactivation, which also includes the actual piston movement, is only possible with a free-piston engine like the MaGG-One.

Both the user and the MaGG-One manufacturer profit from the flexibility described. Instead of developing an adapted engine for every requirement, the same result can now be achieved with comparative ease just by making a change to the software code.


Economical And Suitable For Mass Markets

The cost-saving platform and modular principle is being realised more consistently than ever before – even across multiple applications in the vehicles and energy sectors. Different engine power classes are realised by varying the number of multiple MaGG-One modules. Different markets with different fuels are developed purely on the basis of software. Even more so than the automotive industry, the field of stationary engines and motors offers even greater untapped potential in terms of standardisation and modularisation. The variety of variants is greatly reduced in MaGG-One production since no hardware adjustments are now required for different global markets and market segments.

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