The Technology: Free Piston Linear Generator

What Is The MaGG-One?

The MaGG-One is a new type of engine. It produces energy from any type of fuel. Unlike with conventional technologies, this is done in the simplest, most direct way. With no more than two moving components, which makes it particularly efficient, flexible and cost-effective!

The Basic Principle

How Does It Work?

The MaGG-One consists of three sub-systems: the combustion section in the centre, the linear generators and the gas springs. All components work together to convert the fuel’s chemical energy into electrical energy without the detour of a crankshaft. To do this, a fuel-air mixture is ignited in a combustion chamber and the required electrical voltage is then induced in the linear generator’s coils. This simple way of working not only reduces complexity but also enables new functions to be provided.

More Facts:


What Is Unique About The MaGG-One?

Software Meets Engine

What Is That All For?

Small Engine – Great Potential

What Is The Development Status?

From Idea To Prototype

Where Shall The MaGG-One Be Used?

Use Cases

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