We are a young, dynamic start-up company that was founded in 2014. As a “hotbed of technology”, we possess the technical know-how and the unbridled passion to drive forward the development of the FreeP and to prepare it for series development.

But will the MaGG-One also be able to establish itself on the market?

We are convinced, because it is revolutionising existing technologies and meeting demands for both e-mobility and clean energy.

A development partnership with the DLR drew our attention to the free piston linear generator project. This gave rise to the idea of our company. We are enabling the further development of the engine to be driven forward, and are cultivating the utilisation of the relevant know-how and laws.

All just crazy ideas?

The proof-of-concept in February 2013 made it clear for the first time: the system works! In the meantime, the first operational free-piston linear generator with a central combustion chamber in compact design has been realized in cooperation with DLR. Now it is our task to further develop the key technologies and introduce the MaGG-One to the market.

We Are SWEngin

“We firmly believe that the MaGG-One represents the missing piece of the puzzle in terms of both vehicle propulsion and energy supply, that it will for the first time unify the fields of e-mobility and clean energy, and in so doing will provide an integrated concept for solving the global energy problem.”

Manfred Gröger

Prof. Dr. Manfred Gröger

Prof. Dr. Manfred Gröger directs the SWEngin GmbH as managing director and additionally acts as an angel investor and representative of previous investors. His activities primarily focus on project management, strategic development of the company and the acquisition of investors and funding bodies. With his many years of experience as an investor and his strong expertise in the areas of project management and strategic development, he offers a great enrichment for the young company.

“As a project manager, I already supervised many start-ups. Now I dedicate myself to the free piston linear generator as a long-term, global and high current project and put myself full of excitement and enthusiasm towards the new challenges!“

Markus Rausch

Markus Rausch M.Sc.
Development Engineer

As a development engineer Markus Rausch propels to enhance the technology with enthusiasm. During his studies of vehicle and engine technology at the University of Stuttgart he has worked with the free piston linear generator and acquired know-how in the subject by his thesis on the development of a piston-cooling concept for the free piston linear generator.

“I became aware of the project during my studies and was impressed immediately. I am pleased to be part of the SWEngin’s team and to be instrumental in the development towards a marketable product!”

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